The diocese of Jalandhar, registered Charitable Society is a minority Christian institution of the Catholic Church with its headquarters in the Bishop’s House, Civil lines, Jalandhar city. The said society is engaged in imparting quality education primarily to the Christian minority community and to all who seek its service irrespective of cast creed or religion.
The Diocese of Jalandhar society draws its inspiration and commitment to serve the society from Jesus Christ who came to serve and not to be served (Mt. 20:28) and who admonished his followers – that ‘whatsoever you do to the least of my people that you do unto me’. (Mt. 25.40) The President of the society is the Bishop of the Diocese of Jalandhar whom the Roman Pontiff appoints as the religious head of all Catholic Christians within the jurisdiction of the geographical territory of the Diocese of Jalandhar as fixed by the cannon Law of the Catholic Church. The Bishop, as spiritual head and president of the society inspires and motivates its members and is the final authority for all major decisions of the society. The Diocese through its charitable works endeavors to spread Christ’s message of love and peace through its various ministries.
One of the main objectives of the ‘Diocese of Jalandhar’ is to provide quality education to everyone, both in urban and rural areas of these two States. ‘Diocese of Jalandhar’ in its own humble way reaches out to foster the progress of our Nation, which is possible only if all the citizens are freed from the bondage of ignorance and are equipped with the light of knowledge.
Studies open the thresholds of Wisdom. Wisdom enables us to find the true light. Guided by the true light, one finds the path of love. That is why the motto of this school is “Wisdom – Love & Light”