Usually a Christian school or any Christian Institution for that matter is named after a particular saint, as its patron saint. This is done not only to place the school or the institution under the special patronage and protection of that particular saint, but also to realize, in the institution concerned, the special qualities and virtues of the patron saint.

St. Jude the patron saint of our school was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. When Jesus began his public life here on earth, he gathered a selected group of disciples to know him and live with him, so that after his death and resurrection the disciples could go out into the whole world spreading his message of love and forgiveness.

The disciples were men chosen by Jesus himself. They were inspired by his teachings that god is a loving Father who cares for every human being as his own child, ready to forgive everyone, provided one realizes his/her sinfulness and is willing to forgive others, By his own example of humble service, when he washed the feet of his disciples, Jesus taught then that he had come not to be served but to serve, and that his followers must render of loving service to one and all.

These teaching and the personality of Jesus made St. Jude totally committed to Jesus Christ. This personal commitment to Jesus and his teaching made St. Jude zealous missionary to the extent to laying down his life for the sake of his Master. Although St. Jude was a relation of Jesus, the reason for his being such a great saint is that he was a man of faith and dedicated action.

Now, in the present times, it is these very same teachings of Jesus and more especially the Person of Jesus, that enable the management and the Religious Sisters of St. Jude’s Convent School to render dedicated service to people of Shahkot. The Religious Sisters who are working and administering the many Christian Institution in Punjab and elsewhere are people who have been chosen by God lead a holy life of dedicated service to God and their fellow human beings. In order to dedicate themselves totally to God they renounce family life voluntarily. They live in a community known as a Convent and that is why a school run by them is known as a Convent School.

All of us in this school, both the staff and the students, along with the management, are placed in a special way under the even as they learn the various languages and sciences, also learn the art of living by gaining the TRUE KNOWLEDGE of loving the only the only and true God and respecting everyone, irrespective of his/her caste or religion.