1. Every student should bring the school diary daily to the school to facilitate the Principal/teachers to convey any information or request to the parents / guardians through the diary. If the parents/guardians are asked to meet the Principal/Teachers, they must do it without fail.
2. Students are expected to reach the school campus five minutes before the first bell for morning assembly. Those who are late must obtain permission from the concerned person in charge, who makes entries in the diaries of late comers before entering the school campus. After making three late arrival entries in the diary, Rs. 20/- will be charged as fine for every subsequent late arrival from the late-comer.
3. The warning bell before the assembly begins is a signal for students to go to their respective class-rooms in perfect silence.
4. All pupils are expected to be present for the assembly during which they pray together and no one is to stay in the class room without obtaining prior permission.
5. The attendance will be marked in the attendance register at the beginning of the two sessions: one at the arrival in the class after the assembly and the other after the noon-break.
6. No student shall be allowed to go out or to be taken out of the school compound without obtaining the ‘out pass’ from the Principal. The out pass shall not be issue unless the principal is convinced of the genuineness of the need and the credentials of the person who has come with the request to take the student from the school for whatever purpose.
7. Personal Cleanliness and grooming is expected of every student. The school uniform must be clean, well pressed and complete without any type of decoration. Students coming to school with untidy dress, hair etc. will be fined and if not corrected will be asked to bring their parents to explain the reason.
8. The class-teachers are duty bound to check diligently the uniform of the students regularly. They should regularly insist on the hair-style of the boys and girls that they follow the regulation of the school.
9. During the recess pupils are expected to leave the classrooms.
10. The Principal has the right to confiscate books, newspapers, periodicals, mobile phones and any other items which may be considered objectionable. No student should possess any unauthorized sharp instrument or any lethal weapon which is in no way related to the study materials and neither should they bring any contraband items, intoxicants, drug or anything objectionable to any inmate of the school. If any such material is found in possession of anyone he/she will be suspended from the school with immediate effect, and if the evil intention of the possessor is proved he/she will be debarred from attending this school.
11. The academic session of the school will be from March to Feb. The medium of instruction and expression is English within the school campus, Punjabi, the mother tongue is taught from L.K.G. and Hindi, the national language from U.K.G. All students are advised to practice speaking English within the school Campus.
12. Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged between the students, without due permission from the class-teacher.
13. No collection of money for any purpose whatsoever is to be started and no meeting, demonstration, party or picnic may be held without previous sanction of the Principal. Presents to the members of the staff or any other demonstration in their honour also requires previous sanction.
14. Any pupil desiring to be exempted from PT. games or any other activities in the school must produce a doctor’s certificate to the effect that he/she is physically unfit to take part therein.
15. Children have no permission to attend parties or to go to the cinema or to go to friend’s house on their way back home from the school.
16. All pupils should have their books in a canvas or leather bag. Aluminum suitcase will not be allowed.
17. Care must be had for all school-property and no pupil should scratch or spoil the desks are chairs or damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the wall, or in any way damage school property or things belonging to others. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the class teacher or to the Principal. Any damage done must be made good by the one who does it. Anyone who sees something damaged should report the matter even if he/she does not know who has done it. No Pupil should bring razor blade or any sharp instruments unwarranted to school.
18. All letters and correspondence addressed to pupils are subject to the scrutiny of the Principal. Involvement of a student in any unhealthy friendship or indecent relationship with a person of the opposite sex, or any remarks, commends, jokes, exchanging of letters, sexually nuanced gestures etc. through verbal, textual, graphic or electronic media, of demeaning nature that goes against sexual modesty, will be treated as very serious offences and such students will be asked to discontinue studies in this school with immediate effect.
19. The school is not responsible for articles or money lost. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles (like expensive watches, fountain pens etc.) to school. Pupils below V Std. are advised not to wear wrist watches in the school.
20. Running, playing, shouting and whistling inside the school building is never allowed.
21. Parents and guardians are not permitted to walk into class-rooms or interview teachers without the permission of the Principal.
22. The name, Admission number, standard and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all his/her belongings.
23. The students should behave in a refined manner wherever they go, they should always remember that the standard of the school is judged by the behavior of its wards. They should always greet their teachers, elders and friends in a pleasant and audible tone of voice wherever they meet them in school or outside. They should be gentle and polite to their companions and others.
24. Pupils shall be cheerful in their obedience to their parents and teachers giving them always the respect and affection that is their due and accepting their guidance and correction with gratitude.
25. Cycles must be kept locked at the cycle stand only. Students should not ride around the school compound on bicycles. While entering or leaving the school gate, one must walk instead of riding. Students who do not possess a valid driving license are not allowed to bring Motor vehicles to the school.
26. Students who come to school under the care of servants should never leave before they arrive. In case of delay they should report to the school office.
27. Those who go home alone should not loiter about the way. They should be prompt in returning home. Students are warned not to buy anything especially eatables from street vendors.
28. Students will not be called to answer phone calls during class hours, unless it is very urgent.
29. The Principal has the right to suspend or request the withdrawal of any pupil without having to state any reason provided that he/she judges that such a step is necessary in the interest of the school.
30. The school welcomes any suggestion and advice which is positive and constructive for the welfare of the children and the school. But however the school cannot guarantee to implement them immediately.
31. Those parents who cause any agitation and incite others to do so against the school or join with any anti-social element to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the school forfeit the right to continue teaching their children in this school. Their children will be dismissed without giving any other reason. On special request their children may be allowed to complete the current academic session provided the school is given legal guarantee on written undertaking through legal procedure, that the atmosphere of the school will not be disturbed for the sake of the majority of children studying in the school. The children of such parents will be issued the TC along with the final result of the academic year. The same will be applicable to the students who commit the same offence.
32. The management has the right to take disciplinary action against students/parents who do not comply with school-rules and requirements.
33. The school has the right to teach any subject that is required and approved by the Board of Education both compulsory and optional.
34. Parents are requested not to disturb the school staff with any school matters except during the school hours. Phone calls or visit to their families at odd hours which disturb their private family life is absolutely forbidden; and legal procedures will be initiated against those parents who trespass.
35. Just because one child of yours is admitted in the school, it is not bound to give seats to all your other children/or of your relations.
36. Parents/Guardians are welcome to meet the principal from 10:00 a.m. on working days, preferably with a prior appointment to save time and to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.
37. Please remember, education also means character formation and we need to discuss the matters with you. As per instructions from the council, value education and character formation need to be given prime importance during a child’s years of schooling. Therefore, henceforth the remarks registered in your child’s “Student’s Log Book” will also are entered in their Progress Report. We need Parent’s co-operation in correcting the child’s behaviour through open dialogue between the teachers and the parents on days allotted for the P.T.M. (Parent-Teacher Meet).
38. Disciplinary Action: Since the school management has strictly instructed its staff to avoid all kinds of corporal punishments, it has become the dire need to discipline the students only with the co-operation of the parents. Therefore it has been decided that on any serious in disciplinary behaviour of a ward a “Letter of Information” will be sent to the concerned parents. The parents must then visit the school and discuss the matter with the Principal or the class-teacher and find a solution to correct the child. If a child does not improve after three such interventions of receiving the ‘Letter of information’ and the corrections in consultation with the parents in the light of the letter, a child may be asked to discontinue his studies in this school.
39. Periodical Reports and the Report Book will keep the Parents/Guardians informed of the progress of their wards. These reports are to be signed and returned in time as per the information in the school diary.
40. The Transport of the children to and from the School is entirely the responsibility of the parents. The school will not entertain any complaint on this matter or be responsible in any way. Parents are strictly forbidden to send their wards to the school by vehicles which do not run in compliance with the traffic regulations of Honourable Punjab and Haryana high court on children’s safety. The school issues permission to ferry the children only to those vehicle owners who have submitted their legal documents to the school in compliance with the Honourable high court order.
41. Special classes, sports and games, cultural and literary activities may be organized on Saturdays as and when required. Participation will be deemed compulsory, in such cases.
42. Co-curricular activities and outdoor activities such as class picnics, campus and study-tours shall be compulsory for all and expenses will be charged from the students.
43. Annual celebration and other such functions in which the parents are invited are expensive and needs special financial support of the parents. On such functions and additional fee will be charged from the parents other than the charges the participants would incur on the costume and special training.
44. No student is permitted to bring cell phone to the school complex. If any student is found with a mobile phone, the phone will be confiscated and will be returned only at the end of the academic year on condition that such violation of discipline will not be repeated in future. Parents and teachers are required to switch off their mobile phones in the school complex.
45. Duplicate copies of Transfer Certificate are ordinarily not issued. In special cases such certificate will be issued, after verification, on payment of Rs. 100/-.
46. A student who is caught using unfair means in the examination will be awarded zero in the concerned paper and it could lead to his dismissal.
47. A student who threatens the parents or the school authority with dire consequence of himself/herself committing suicide or to harm oneself or others on any disciplinary action on him/her will be immediately dismissed from the school. Information of any such oral or written threat will disqualify him/her to continue the studies in this school except through a written undertaking by the parents that the school will not be held in any way responsible for such drastic step by their son/daughter. And a copy of the written undertaking will be given to the Police station.
48. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: - Duplicate copy of “School Diary” will be issued only by the Principal, after verification, on a payment of Rs. 100/- Children must take care to bring this diary daily to school and should safeguard it.
49. Each student must possess two identity cards issued by the school. One should be worn around neck whenever he is in the school complex and show the other one at the gate whenever parents want to take their wards.
50. No physical violence or verbal violence is permitted in the school. If anyone found using such means, he/she will be suspended with immediate effect and an enquiry will be conducted which may lead to one’s dismissal if proved guilty.
51. Allotting of Sections/Houses and shuffling, as and when required, is fully at the discretion of the school authorities and no request for a particular Section/House or changing of Section/House will be entertained, unless it is found very essential.
52. The tendency of the students to go for private tuition is strongly discouraged. The school teachers shall not engage themselves for private tuition, except with the permission of the Principal.
53. Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) is to be attended by all parents/guardians of the wards. Those students whose parents/guardians have not attended the PTM, without consent from the Principal, due to any unavoidable reasons, will not be allowed to attend the classes unless and until they bring their parents/guardians to the school.
54. If anyone, be it a teacher, parent, student or an employee, be found in an inebriated state in the school campus stringent legal action will be taken against him/her with immediate effect.
55. While sending letters or making remittance of fee or inquiries, please not the full name (as written in the admission form) of the child. His/her class and Roll Number/Admission No. is very important to enter because there are many students in a class/school with the same name.
56. Parents and guardians are requested to notify the school of any change in their address and phone numbers.